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I have known Brad socially for many years. When he told me that he was going to buy
some farm land I asked if I could join him in the investment. He was able to find some
at a good price with a decent return on investment and we bought side-by-side land.
Brad has also helped to keep up the land so we keep all of the involved governmental
agencies happy.

Joe Mueller


To whom it may concern,
Brad and Christina are honest and genuine people. If they tell you they will do something, they mean it, they will work to make it happen. I met them February 2018, needing to settle a friends affairs and sell some uniquely challenging property. I had no experience with real estate or the requirements of actual closing. I had many “low ball” offers, people wanting to take advantage of the situation and offers that fell through for one reason or another. Brad and Christina were not at all that way. They looked into the costs, freely shared the numbers with me and when new challenges arose, they found a way to make the sale possible. They were very transparent and engaged throughout the entire process. They are not the predatory types you hear about. “Greed is not part of their creed.”
If you find yourself needing to sell a property and you are looking for honest and fair people to work with, I would highly recommend Trichotomy Investments. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Brad and Christina. No matter what your situation, I recommend you call them. I will happily refer anyone to them without a second thought.
Melody Gray

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